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Feds Assault Cancer Victim, Pregnant Woman in Clash With Bundy Supporters

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, April 11, 2014 Under: Crimes against Families

Watch this video.  I don't endorse violence, but these folks standing up together is exactly what we need to do more of in this country and the world.   As I watch this unfold and hear words like "federal land" "state land" I wonder if we have forgotten that this is OUR land, our country.  It doesn't belong to the government like the kings of old.  Remember Robin Hood and how people were killed for hunting on the "kings lands"?  

My hope is that this situation will remain calm and serve to remind each of us of the importance of standing together with a common voice and common purpose.  We can change things in this country and our world, we have only to put aside those differences and hold to those things we have in common.  As Agenda 21 moves full force to land grab and move people from the rural areas into the overly crowded cities, we must stand with the farmers and ranchers and those who wish to live in rural areas. 

We have a great opportunity to do things differently now if we will come together with one purpose and one voice.  Let us remember Who We Are and live empowered lives rather than the fear based lives we've experienced to this point.  As this video shows some are moving from fear into anger which can be good if the anger is used in a positive way to bring about change, if not it will bring about violence and more loss of freedoms here in American and around the globe. 

In : Crimes against Families 

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