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Could we All Just Be Human?

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, October 13, 2013 Under: Man Made Chaos
What would happen if rather than identifying with the color or our skin, the country we live in, the religion we follow, political party we associate with, or the flag we pledge to.. we just decided to Be Human?
What would that be like?  If the gender, body size, sexual orientation, amount of money we had in the bank was Not how we found our worth, how would our world be different?

I don't pledge allegiance to a flag.  Not because I don't love my country, but because it's an idea that keeps us separate from one another.  Same reason I don't wag my beliefs in front of others in order to set myself above others. When I go to the town hall meetings each month I don't say the Lord's Prayer either.  I stand respectfully as others do, that's their right.  I haven't done it since I was in jr. high school.  

Before someone starts bashing me at being unpatriotic let me make a few more statements as to why. 

Here is a bit of what Webster's says about the word Patriotic:
A patriotic fervor swept the country.
<hanging a flag outside one's home is a patriotic gesture>
First Known Use of PATRIOTIC

Related to PATRIOTIC

nationalist, nationalistic
Related Words
chauvinist; jingoist, jingoistic, superpatriotic; constant,devoted, faithful, loyal, staunch (also stanch), steadfast,steady, true; ardent, fervent, fervid, impassioned,passionate
Near Antonyms
traitorous, treasonous; disaffected, disloyal, faithless,false, fickle, inconstant, perfidious, recreant, treacherous,unfaithful
Other Government and Politics Terms

agent provocateur, agitprop, autarky, cabal, egalitarianism,federalism, hegemony, plenipotentiary, popular sovereignty,socialism

Now let's look at another word Zealot
 a person who has very strong feelings about something (such as religion or politics) and who wants other people to have those feelings : a zealous person
capitalized :  a member of a fanatical sect arising in Judea during the first century a.d. and militantly opposing the Roman domination of Palestine
:  a zealous person; especially :  a fanatical partisan <a religious zealot>
 See zealot defined for English-language learners »
See zealot defined for kids »
Examples of ZEALOT

<zealots on both sides of the issue resorted to name-calling and scare tactics>
Origin of ZEALOT

Late Latin zelotes, from Greek zēlōtēs, from zēlos
First Known Use: 1537
Related to ZEALOT

crusader, fanatic, ideologue (also idealogue), militant,partisan (also partizan), red hot, true believer
Related Words
activist; dreamer, idealist, visionary; cultist, disciple,follower, hanger-on, idolizer, votary; addict, aficionado(also afficionado), buff, bug, devotee, enthusiast, fan,fancier, fiend, fool, freak, habitué (also habitue), head,hound, junkie (also junky), lover, maniac, maven (alsomavin), nut, sucker; advocate, apostle, backer, champion,evangelist, patron, promoter, stalwart, supporter; booster,rooter, well-wisher; faddist

I don't really want to be any of those things.  I don't care to be defined by who or what I am obsessed with.  I'd rather not be obsessed at all, about anything. When it comes to attitude there isn't a lot of difference in a patriot or a cult leader or a religious fanatic.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could begin to identify ourselves as humans, all interdependent on each other and this planet? 
If we would put aside all the terms that we define ourselves with and come together as humans, created through Divine Energy.. perhaps we would find a way to do more than survive we could create a world where we thrive.  It's just an idea I've had since I was little.  What do you say we give it a try? 

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