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Codex for health or death of billions?

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, August 18, 2013 Under: War Against Humanity

Vitamins and minerals become toxins, pesticides and GMO become healthy under Codex.  Up is down, right is wrong with this type of thinking.  Their own papers say that under these guidelines 3 BILLION people will die.  Read that again. Let it sink in.  This is NOT about protecting you.. rather it's more control.  He who controls food controls the world. "Fritz DerMeer" president IG Farben, found to be war criminal.
 Look into the CEOs of IG Farben and Bayer.. to see who these people really are. Now here we are with food that has no nutrient value,  full of toxins and radiation.  
Dis-ease is up all over the world, with new ones popping up all the time.  Follow the links... read the informaiton.. watch the video.  Visit WHO 
Also visit here for more info on Codex

In : War Against Humanity 

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