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America Creates Monsters

Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, July 22, 2013 Under: War Crimes

I can't say it or show it any better than this people.  I've done many shows on DU & DP.  Are you paying attention?  Do American soldiers not realize that this is happening to them as well?  This is a War Crime, a crime against humanity, life itself.  Listen to the statistics, this is even worse than dropping nuclear bombs on people.  
I don't understand how anyone can support this, war must end.  American soldiers must awaken to the horrors they are being used to perpetrate. 

With so much talk about the need for revolution, I state boldly that what is needed is an evolution.  The images in this video show what a revolution looks like, how it plays out for people who have nothing to do with the greedy politics of governments.  Our scientists have discovered technology that makes killing people more horrific, easier to do at a distance and have even turned murder into a video game type activity.  I say ENOUGH!  What say ye?  

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