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I'm often asked if I interview authors and coaches and business people.  The answer is YES.  If you have a great message to share contact me. A message is something different than looking for free promotion for yourself.  If you are more interested in getting the message out than selling, then an interview is what we will arrange.

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I have over ten years experience on the radio and do a wonderful interview / promotion for those who join me on the air.  Check out my radio shows on ITunes by looking for Awakened Radio.  You might also listen to the promotion interviews I'm done during our Empowerment Message Events. We invite you to be an active part in the Awakened Radio Network Family. You can host your own show, sponsor one of our shows to advertise your business, you can also interact with our hosts through our forum page.  You can make a one time donation or a regular monthly donation to help support the growth and message of Awakened Radio.  We are an interactive radio network.  Our goal is to be the best online talk radio anywhere on the planet.  We are different.  We are all about helping the whole of Divine Humanity to self realize, to understand that we do have the power to change things once we learn to co-create together.  Our hosts are dedicated to sharing inspiration, motivation & information that uplifts humanity to a New Experience.  Join us.  Together we can do anything.