Welcome to the live classroom at the Awakened Radio Network.  I'm so excited to be offering this empowering service to teachers and students all around the world. As live classes become available they will be placed on the page.  You may also subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when a new class is ready to attend. If you would like information on teaching your own class email Donna DeVane.  The Awakened Radio Network platform is here to aid us all in our self empowerment, spiritual growth, healing and successful living.  Our live classroom is just one more addition to the teaching tools we offer the world.  

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How the Live Classroom works in real time

Posted by Donna Devane on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Under: Classroom information
I've been playing around with the idea a bit more and have been asked a few questions about how it all works so I'll give more information.
As a teacher I suggest you allow at least two weeks for Awakened Radio Network and you to promote your class.  Using the Event aspect on Facebook, your Twitter and other social networks in addition to any email lists you may have.  Lay out what you will be teaching.  Don't make it hard, let it be easy and fun.  Remember to cover the How To aspect of what people will get from taking the class.
Awakened Radio will help you in promotion so that it goes out to as many people as possible.  Once we have you set up for teaching and on the class schedule I'll place a Paypal button on your class information where people can go to sign up.  This is the ONLY place for people to pay and sign up for the class.  
Once they have paid they will be directed to the class page with the information about how to take part in the class and any material you offer for the class will be made available for them there. 
On the day of your class I will open the classroom 15 minutes before we start.  You will use either Skype or call in a number I give you to conduct the class.  The class will be produced live over the radio airwaves that only is available to those who are part of the class. 
Students must use their name first name, last initial in the chat so that we can take a head count. :)
Students can sign up right here for a newsletter where I will send out a reminder in general about upcoming classes.  Once they have paid for a specific class they will be directed to the class page by Paypal.  This is the page where the class will take place and all class materials provided. 

After the class finishes students will have a few days to go back to the classroom to download the audio of the class they took.  The classroom chat, page and audio stream are specific and private to only students and teachers. 
If you have any further questions please let me know.  

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