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Health Secrets Revealed

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, November 21, 2013 Under: Classes Available

Do you love being healthy?  Are you ready for some incredible health secrets that will keep you free from colds and flu that come from your own kitchen?  No more chemicals with side effects.. just real "medicine" that actually works for you and your family.  
Justin Elledge, host of Enlightened Health & healer with X-Ray vision.. will teach a 1 hour class giving you his best secrets for health this winter. 
This event is less than half the cost of one flu shot and will save hundreds of dollars for each participant by never needing over the counter cough and flu preparations again.

Justin will cover 4 areas of health tips that anyone can do at home to improve their health-

A. Sugar- Why it is the "Anti-Food" and what are good alternatives
B. Vitamin C- What is real vitamin C, at least 2 sources, plus the best available on the market and where to order
C. Grounding- How being barefoot as well as "One with the Earth" may make all the difference
D. Say goodbye to the Flu- the "5 Min Flu Fix Recipe" a sure fire over the counter recipe that can eliminate flu symptoms within minutes for less than a dollar!

You will have a private chat room and audio to interact with Justin where you can ask questions at the end of the class.  You will be provided a PDF download of the information he presents and a mp 3 audio after the class.  

The class will give you the information you need to enjoy health this winter. 

Awakened Radio Network is making this live class room possible as part of our commitment to give you the tools for self empowerment so that you may do your own healing and live an empowered and successful life. 

Justin Elledge
"The Human MRI"
Medical Intuitive, Radio Host
Nutrition Advocate

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