Welcome to the live classroom at the Awakened Radio Network.  I'm so excited to be offering this empowering service to teachers and students all around the world. As live classes become available they will be placed on the page.  You may also subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when a new class is ready to attend. If you would like information on teaching your own class email Donna DeVane.  The Awakened Radio Network platform is here to aid us all in our self empowerment, spiritual growth, healing and successful living.  Our live classroom is just one more addition to the teaching tools we offer the world.  

Awakened Radio live classroom

Exploring Your Dreams in 2014 & Beyond Live Class

December 20, 2013

Live 6 class workshop!
March 8, 22 - April 5, 19 - May 3, 17

1 Central , 2 Eastern

 Understanding the meaning of dreams often involves looking at and understanding the symbols within the dreams. However, exploring each symbol within a dream may be difficult at first. We can make things easier for ourselves, by breaking the dreams down into manageable parts. Then we can look at the basic elements within those parts.

 Each class will take place in a private class room with live chat and streaming audio.  Each class will last 1 1/2 hour.  Rob will be helping each student learn the art of dream interpretation and will guide you through your own dreams and those of the other students.

At the end of the class you will no longer be guessing what your dreams mean, you will understand intuitively the messages dream time brings you for your own live. 

By joining the class you are saying to the Universe I want a deeper meaning and understanding of my life.   

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Health Secrets Revealed

November 21, 2013

Do you love being healthy?  Are you ready for some incredible health secrets that will keep you free from colds and flu that come from your own kitchen?  No more chemicals with side effects.. just real "medicine" that actually works for you and your family.  
Justin Elledge, host of Enlightened Health & healer with X-Ray vision.. will teach a 1 hour class giving you his best secrets for health this winter. 
This event is less than half the cost of one flu shot and will save hundreds of dollars ...
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New Classes on the way

November 14, 2013
It's been brought to my attention that there is need for a more intense, longer class with some one on one time with the teacher. Sooooo... lol
I hear ya. 
I'm putting together a 4 week course which includes a print/autographed copy of my book, 4 group classes of 1 1/2 hours each, plus exercises and homework.. :)
You will also have a 30 minute phone call or Skype call to me once a week and email support. 
Wealth Consciousness covers a lot of areas, a lot of beliefs.  So we will cover them and get...
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How to Stay Motivated For Success Live Class

November 10, 2013

WOO HOO  the first live class room in on the schedule.  Are you ready for success?  Really ready?  Are you at a place where you are willing to pay attention to your inner wisdom?  Are you ready to define your life and then create it that way? I hope so.  That's why I put together this class right here on Awakened Radio network.  It's all about you and your success.
You get 1 1/2 hours on intimate group coaching with me, a copy of my book, "How to Stay Motivated for Success" plus my best wisdom...
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How the Live Classroom works in real time

November 6, 2013
I've been playing around with the idea a bit more and have been asked a few questions about how it all works so I'll give more information.
As a teacher I suggest you allow at least two weeks for Awakened Radio Network and you to promote your class.  Using the Event aspect on Facebook, your Twitter and other social networks in addition to any email lists you may have.  Lay out what you will be teaching.  Don't make it hard, let it be easy and fun.  Remember to cover the How To aspect of what p...
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Live Classrooms for live teaching

November 5, 2013
Awakened Radio Network is delighted to announce a brand new teaching feature.  We will be hosting some of the world's most powerful teachers who will go live for 1 -2 hours at the time bringing insights, healing and teaching the principles of well being, personal empowerment and success.
The teachers and teachings will cover a wide range of energy and will take place much like a private radio show.  Actually it will be just like that.   Awake...

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