Team Up with Awakened Radio Network

 Our radio station is growing by leaps & bounds.. we'd like to invite you to grow right along with us.  Our Team Up Be A Sponsor Program is a win win for everyone. 

Basically you are being endorsed by our network, and the host of your choice.  Your message will be played during the program you sponsor and will be replayed over and over again through our archives in ITunes & in the rebroadcast of the sponsored show. Your promotion will be played three times during the broadcast, at the introduction, half way break and end of broadcast. 

How does it work?

You provide me with a 30 second script with name, description, url & phone number for your business.  We will record an audio that states something similar to this example using one of my shows.  You can provide the audio spot yourself if you like. 

"Political Insights with host Donna DeVane where we look into the solutions for the problems of our world, brought to you in part (or sponsored in part) by.. name information about your business.  This will be played at least once per live broadcast,  additionally the host will make a statement that his/her show is sponsored in part by... name of your business. An example would be similar to "Thank you for listening to Political Insights with Donna DeVane, brought to you in part by... your information"..  All live shows broadcast once a week 4 - 5 times a month plus your add will be heard on our rebroadcast for 1-2 weeks and in the archives indefinitely. 

Your information will also be placed on the show / host forum, along with a small logo, and placed in the forum for that broadcast.  

You decide the host / show you want to sponsor, provide me with your information & we do the rest.  No more than three sponsors for any show at any given month.  We will promote you for a complete month in the manner described above.  I will also include your business information on the station's news page so that all can see who you are and find out how to connect with you. For a limited time, as a sponsor of one of our broadcasts or our station, an ad will be placed in our new magazine in addition to being mentioned on the air.  We are dedicated to Thrival Energy for you & your business as well as our own.   Sponsoring a radio show is best for businesses who actually know the host and have done business with each other before.  Being a sponsor is getting the personal endorsement of that radio host. 

Check out our variety of shows & the information we provide.  Our audience is mobile & global. When you decide to work with the Awakened Radio Network you are working with people who count you as family & who are dedicated to your success as well as our own.  We understand that working together is the best way to guarantee the success of all. 

If you have any questions, please email Donna DeVane or you may add AwakenedRadio to Skype and send me a message to arrange a phone call. 

I look forward to working with you.. & co creating success for all. 

We also offer Advertising on the station without specific show sponsorship.  Click here to read more. 


One Month One Show Sponsorship

$ 150.00 USD

You are agreeing to sponsor the broadcast of your choice in return for one  audio mentions as stated above, plus personal endorsement of host during live show.

 You also are agreeing to provide me the script including name, description, url & phone number.  Business logo is also provided by you so that we may include your information on the air as well as the host / show page you are sponsoring, the forum of the show & any blog, press release or write up by the station or host.