If you are ready to move forward click here to arrange a consult with Donna DeVane   You may also add Awakened Radio to your Skype to arrange a talk with me before you proceed.  You may also phone me at 334 649 7204 please leave a message if the voice mail picks up.

 We are a Teaching Platform Radio Station Network.  We are agreeing to work together to get the message of hope, information & self empowerment to the world. You benefit from the Awakened Radio Network of people who are commited to Being the Change we want to see on our planet.  We work together to grow.  We are NOT a commercial radio station.  WE are Different.  A different message a different Energy.  If you have any questions of what we are doing together at Awakened Radio please email Donna DeVane .  We are working together to create our dreams into a New Reality for All of us. 

                   Audio on hosting from Donna DeVane 

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                                                                                                    Awakened Radio Network Hosts

       At Awakened Radio we give people the tools for self empowerment so that they may heal their lives and live successfully.  That's where you come in as a host.  We are a teaching radio station not a podcast service. Each of our live broadcasts supports the others as we build a platform for everyone to do their own work with love, understanding, patience and practice.  As a host you are sharing your wisdom and your journey in a way that informs, inspires and motivates the listeners around the world to make adjustments in their thinking and doing so that their experience reflects life the way they want to live it.  As the station owner/director.. I'm open to hosts who are really excited about your own life and your message.  We are not on the air just to sale something, that's why pod-casts exist.  We are here to lift humanity up to a new expression through our words and our examples.  As a team we show the way by how we support one another and the station as a whole.  Each person lifting up the whole and everyone is lifted up,  this is the foundation of what Awakened Radio Network is all about.                                                                    

Sending out information, education, knowledge, solutions and empowerment through the airwaves, that's what the station is all about. Share your wisdom.. be a Way Shower.. shine your light so that others may see a bit clearer.  We've already built a platform with listeners from all around the world. We are listened to live through TuneIn, Stitcher and others. Our archives are available through ITunes. We are always expanding through social networks to include more Divine Humans in our interactions and relationships. You don't have to start from zero, you can jump in where we are and move forward with us. 

Awakened Radio is a dream come true for me.  I set this in motion with the dream of having my own station broadcasting many hours a day, and the reality is now here.  The station is  streaming 24/7 so you always have something to talk about.  A chat room is always open so you can make new friends and talk about what's important to you. We will soon be offering live stream video as well as our live stream radio.  Awakened Radio Network offers live radio stream,  and will soon include some shows as live stream TV/Radio.  

I've hosted shows on online sites for many years and it's a lot of work getting your listener base up.  Here is where being a host on Awakened Radio comes in.  You are  not alone in the promotion of your show.  You have the help of every host on the station promoting you.  We are not a podcast service, we are live radio network station.  Our hosts work together rather than compete with each other.  We help each other out to create prosperity for all.  The station provides three means of archives at present.  Your archives are available free to your listeners, no membership fees.  Our station is supported by all of us as we understand that co-creating is the most productive and fun way to create.  We cover life... by encouraging people to live & experience themselves fully. 

Our listener base has grown amazingly the three plus years we've been on air.  This is due to the co-creating of the hosts and listeners.  We work together as family rather than competing with one another.  As station owner I, along with the other hosts help you to give and get the most out of being a live talk radio host.  I encourage you to look around the website, listen to and take part in several of our live shows.  Chat and or call in, get to know us.  When you are ready let's talk about getting you on the air.  

Please fill out the information below and be sure to include your email address and or phone number or Skype user name so I can contact you for a phone conversation! 

Host Information

If needed you may copy and paste the questions to an email and send to donnadevane@gmail.com

After you've read all the information on this page and have decided you would love to be a part of the Awakened Radio Network Family you can take the next step in getting you set up on the air.  For a LIMITED TIME ONLY I am offering new hosts the opportunity to be part of our network at a very reduced rate.  This rate is offered to give those without a huge following an opportunity to reach people with their message.  You are agreeing to work with Donna DeVane & all the hosts to promote your show and the network as a whole.  Together we can do great things.  If you are ready to proceed CLICK HERE.   

What does Awakened Radio network provide for you?  Not only do we provide 99% up time, meaning our station is on the air almost all the time.. but you get a producer who guides you through your broadcast letting you know when the break is coming up & plays the station breaks for you.  

Broadcast using Skype or phone, although Skype is best.  The station handles phone calls from guests and callers so you don't have to worry with that.  

You are provided your own forum which includes a player for each radio broadcast.  You use your forum like a blog to keep your listeners informed of what you are talking about, upcoming shows, guests & special events in your life.   You can add photos, links etc on your forum just like on your blog. 

Your archives are uploaded and made available as an rss feed for ITunes as well as other services.  Each broadcast is heard additionally in our rebroadcast when we are not live.  There is always something streaming here at Awakened Radio Network.  The chat is always open for people to interact during live or rebroadcast shows. 

You are included in the open mic shows that the station provides such as Healing Circle to take part with the rest of the Awakened Family.  We also provide a Facebook group for tips, questions, answers and sharing with other host and station staff. 

You are helped to promote your broadcast by station staff & encouraged to use all social media to share your show with the world.  

You are guided and helped throughout the process of getting your show up & running too.  Each host remembers going live that first few times and you will discover that our hosts support one another by being in the chat room as a friendly face. 

You have the message, we have the platform.  The next move is yours. Contact Donna DeVane today or use the link on the left side to go to the payment page.