Changing the Role you Play to Manifest a New Life

February 22, 2017

Do you know the role you are currently playing? If your life was part of a TV show or a play, how would you describe your character? What is his/her role about? Take a few moments and write it down and describe it completely. Next, ask yourself if this is actually the role you'd like to play. If it's not it's a simple thing to change roles.

Describe thoroughly the role you'd like to have. What do you look like, feel like? How are your relationships? How do you deal with money? How healthy are you? What do you do for fun? Let your imagination go wild, dream big and bravely.

Now, understand that both of these roles are the result of what you imagine yourself to be. The first one feels real because you've played that role for so long. Truth is, that the second one is just as available to you as the role you no longer enjoy playing.

Your life is the result of what you imagine yourself and world to be. You've spent your life creating and recreating it based on what you hold to be true. Your life expands according to and as a perfect reflection of what you believe or hold to be true. In order to change roles you must start at the core. What do you believe about yourself and the world in relationship with you?

A new role is the result of you imagining yourself totally different. You must go within and create an image of your new self in such vivid detail that the reality of it overshadows the old role. Hold to this vision of the new you, feel from it, speak from it, live from it. Be the new you in every detail. Don't go back to the old role of worry, stress, lack and ill health. Stay in the new role until it appears in vivid detail as your new reality.

Exercise your imagination in a way that brings about the reality you truly desire to experience. When your mind wanders to the old role, pause and move into the new one. Listen for what you are I Aming into form. Your words reveal the role you are currently playing. Change those I AM statements to be in harmony with the new you.

You have all the power you need, right now, to create a new role for yourself. Imagine your world into form!


Changes are opportunities for growth

June 3, 2016

Life changes, it flows with new thought, hope, fear, anger and reflects what you are saying it is.  The act of redefining yourself redefines your life.  I've spent years talking and writing books about how we change things, why it changes and how it is a reflection of who we say we are and how we say the world is.  I've done thousands of hours of radio and video here on this website.

I'm changing and everything in my life is reflecting that.  One of those reflections is the Awakened Radio Netw...
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New Year New Life Making Real Changes

January 2, 2016
It's 2016 & many make resolutions to make great changes.  At first it's very exciting but after a few weeks or months it starts feeling hard and before long you are right back to the same old life.  It happens over and over again.  We really want different but just don't seem to be able to do different.

It's those thoughts dang it!  Yep, those thoughts keep you in the same energy which creates repeat experiences.  In order to change the outside the inside is what must be changed.  It takes pra...
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Fear of September 2015

August 10, 2015
I've received quite a few messages asking what I think about September 2015.  So, I decided to write a bit of a blog about it.  I've watched a few videos and read a few articles from the "prophets of doom" and say chicken ca ca to it all.
This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, that people have come forward pronouncing the energy of the world and global destruction. 

What I do know is this, the more fear we fuel this with the more likely frightening things are to happen.  Why does h...
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Time for May Flowers

May 11, 2015
April brought a lot of rain and here in the south we say April Showers Bring May Flowers.. 
It's a wonderful way to enjoy the many days of rain we get each spring.  We know that all that rain brings about an abundance of flowers and vegetables throughout our long, hot summer.

What do that have to do with your every life?  LOADS!
Whatever is going on in your life right now is watering the seeds of the next set of experiences lining up for you.  Make sure that those thoughts, feelings, actions are...
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April Advertising Special

April 9, 2015

Just for April I'm offering a super duper advertising duo special!
You can get a 30 second audio add on my air waves which will be heard around the world for months, years to come PLUS I'll create a Twitter Promotion Champaign just for your book, website, coaching, vape business, product or service!  
Normally each of these is $150.00 a month.. BUT for April and New Clients ONLY.. you get them both for the incredible success creating price of $150.00!.. That's a savings of One Hundred Fifty Dol...
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Awakened Way Is Your Place for Radio

January 12, 2015
Happy 2015!!  Happy Happy Every Day!  That's how I start each day.. Happy Happy.. it's a choice and here at Awakened Radio we enjoy sharing our happy with each of you.  You are what makes this station a reality.  Without you there would be no reason for the station to even exist.  We need you.  You keep us in physical form.  So Thank YOU!

This year I would like to interact with you more thus, I've started this blog.  I'll update you on what's happening here at Awakened Radio and give you a spa...
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