Are you an Earth Angel?  I know you are.  Here at Awakened Radio we are all playing the role of Earth Angel as we share the message of love, joy & empowered living with people all around the world.  You are invited to flutter your wings here with us and be a major part in our world.

Not everyone feels inspired to host a radio show, but you are one of those Earth Angels who loves to be part of something wonderful.  You enjoy helping others because you know giving is keeping the flow of abundance, joy & love going strong.  Be an Awakened Radio Angel & help us reach around the globe with the reminder of how powerful & loved each of us is.

 Enlightened Health host, Justin Elledge had a great idea.  Let's all work together to include A MILLION people who each give ONE DOLLAR to build a Big Radio Network!  Will You be part of this movement? One Person One Dollar Movement.  Rather than going to a fund raising platform where a lot of the funds are paid in fees, we are doing it right here on our radio station website.  You CAN make a huge difference.  One person, one dollar, one positive action at the time.  Isn't it exciting to be part of something that encourages people all around the world?  You help us to remind people that they can be happy, healthy and successful no matter what their lives have been till this moment.  Jump on board and let's have some fun!  Use the Donate Button below.  It's PayPay and secure.  Give One Dollar, share this page with your social networks.  Together we are doing something AWESOME!  Thank you for your support!  

When you give to Awakened Radio to help us purchase a computer for the radio station, (Mac) a new platform for the station & new software, you are doing far more than just giving money.  You are agreeing with us that we can do something about our world, that we can live in love, compassion and joy! Your financial gift fuels Awakened Radio so that we can stay on the air and grow, reaching more people with our messages of information, inspiration & motivation.  All financial gifts are greatly appreciated.

Could you use a Shout Out for your book, business, service or product?  I'll personally mention you & give your URL on one of my Live Radio shows for $20.00.  Your Shout Out will be heard in our replays as well as our archives on ITunes for months .. maybe even years!

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I'll give you an HOUR live air time to tell the world about your book, product or service with me.  Special INTERVIEW for a $100.00 donation!  Check our advertising rates to see what a spectacular deal this is!