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Awakened Radio is the perfect place to advertise your products and or services.  Our rates are great and our listeners are even greater. Your business or website will prosper when partnering with our awesome group of loyal listeners who are ready now to take steps to improve their own lives and make major changes in our world. As listeners increase for digital, online radio, it's the perfect time to get on the rising wave of energy.  Millions of people listen and they are interested in what you have to offer.  We help you reach these people through our advertising. 

As an Awakened Radio partner you will be part of something unique, life changing and powerful to get humanity on track for Greatness! I'm picky about who advertises with me so let me go over some basics.  Your business, product or service needs to be honest, real and people friendly.  I'm interested in PEOPLE.. and helping people to live the best life possible.  No hype or get rich quick stuff will be approved.

If you are offering support for people to make money, live free, and provide help for those who work with you.. we just might click.  If you have health products, supplements, etc. please be prepared to send me a sample and to provide information on them. 

Starting out is challenging.  When you advertise with Awakened Radio you are not starting at zero. You are able to jump right in the ever expanding forward motion of over three years of momentum we've already established.  You start where we are now and that's a powerful place.  Our listeners doubled in December of 2014!  That's what we offer, a platform of interested listeners for your product, service or business. 

What I am looking for in advertisers:

Your product or service helps people in an honest way to heal, prosper or change their circumstances.  Since most of my listeners are women age 34-56 your business and services should be of interest to this group.

                    As a Change Partner What Do You Get Out Of It?

Here is how it works.  You record me a one minute audio with your message.  I suggest Audacity if you don't have a sound program.  Music behind your talking is great as it makes people pay attention when the talking stops and the music begins.  Your one minute ad runs at least 30 times per month during a live broadcast.   That's 30 minutes of live air time per month, forever in the archives & ITunes plus unlimited listens in the rebroadcast which runs when we are not live. 

Now understand that you are not heard on the live show and then forgotten.  Each broadcast is available as an archive forever  as well as listed in ITunes, Digital Podcast and several other directories. We are adding to more directories weekly.

Your ad will be heard from the time it first airs forever.  As the audience grows both live and in archives many thousands more will hear about your business or service.   

 Because we are live your message goes out to people who are listening right now.   It's heard throughout the week through the rebroadcast as well as included in our archives available through ITunes. Once your advertisement goes on our airwaves you continue to be heard for months, years in the future.  I'll go the extra mile for your success as a way to say thank you for being part of a new way of doing business.. the Awakened Way.   

                                           How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is $8.00 a day /  $250.00 per month to get your message in front of thousands of people who are already interested in what you offer.  This is niche marketing at it's finest.  I've already gathered the interested people, all you have to do is present your business, blog, service or offer to them. Be a Change Partner and together we all Thrive.  I am only offering ten ad spots each month so you will not be lost in the mix.  Your ad will stand out and be heard.. bringing you business and helping you to help others.  This is what true success is all about.

If you would like to talk with me about setting up an audio ad for your business email me   or add AwakenedRadio to Skype & we can talk there.  You may call 334 649 7204 and leave me a message with the best time to contact you.

Now that you know you want to be a Change Partner use Paypal to get the ball rolling to success for all. 

One month Ad

$ 250.00 USD

As soon as I recive your payment for the first month I will contact you through Skype, be sure to connect with me there... AwakenedRadio, email or phone. State which you prefer when making payment please. 

I will also email you so that we can arrange for you to send me your audio. 

You ad will air once at least 30 times for the whole month.   They will play forever in the archives.