You are invited to help us create a new kind of experience for ourselves and the world.  Reaching a larger portion of the Divine Humans on the planet through an enhanced radio platform, being available in the Google Play Store & being syndicated is the next step.  We've done so much together, now we are being offered the opportunity to move into a new, bigger, better space where we help more to birth a new experience of Divine Human around the globe. All donations will go towards this effort.  You can make a HUGE difference.  Thank you for sharing love & support. 

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 At Awakened Radio we give the message of possibilities to our listeners who then take that message to the World! Be part of something awesome~

 We are the How To,  Living it Radio Station; bringing news to a new level. We are creating something together.  We have created a teaching & learning platform here and invite you to be part either as a host or participate   You are part of the transformation energy moving across the globe.  Join us as we Shift Together! It's Time for an Evolution..   opportunity is here to experience a new energy.. letting go of our fear and moving deeper into spiritual awareness of our power to create.  That's where the Awakened Radio Network comes in. We are the online Evolutionary Spirituality Radio Station...  We provide a live chat room that's always open & safe.  We offer friendship, relationship, support and motivation. We don't just talk to you, we want to talk with you.  We've just added live classes to our network.    We are a full service radio station! You have the power to create and move out of poverty mindset into success & we are dedicated to giving you the tools & guidance to do just that.

All of the Awakened Radio Network hosts are "Way Showers" in their own right.  Teaching the wisdom they live by through sharing on the airwaves.   We are about How To live in wisdom.  Our hosts reveal the way for Divine Humanity to live as the Consciousness you are.  No more eclectic intellectual spirituality mumbo jumbo.  We focus on reminding you that you have the power to create with Thrival Energy.  You are consciousness, you don't have to become anything, just BE who you really are.  You can give up struggling to survive and discover the joy of thriving at any time.  We'll walk with you.. let's get started! 

Awakened Radio is your always on radio station.  Meet new people, make new friends in the always open chat room.  Let your voice be heard by calling in and joining one of our many wonderful hosts on the air. Things are changing.. more changes are on the way too. You see it, you feel it.  Now it's time to grab the opportunity to create a new experience & do just that.  We will walk with you. We are an intuitive, online community of spiritually awakened eternal beings, reminding you of Who You Are.

Awakened Radio features shows and guests on topics that matter to you and your family.  From spiritual awakening, political corruption, solutions for homelessness, joblessness, UFO, and Fearless Living, you are sure to find something that interests and motivates you to thought and action.

We cover self worth, UFOs  aliens, meditation, political corruption, NWO, spiritual growth, personal life changes, relationships, money, family, community, energy healing; in other words, if it's important to you chances are we are talking about it.  Our live talk radio hosts do more than host a radio show.  We are sharing the principles of spiritual awareness, intuitive healing, living consciously, evolutionary spirituality, with the awareness that you are divine humanity. 

 We are a listener supported station, you are what makes Awakened Radio possible. Thank You!  Take your time and look around the station website.  You will find all sorts of information to delight you.  Navigation bar is at the top of the page. 

We really are more than the best online talk radio station.  We are creating something together that lifts us all to a Higher Expression.  We are working as ONE to transform our own lives & inspire others that they have the power to do the same.

We are family here; Awakened Family coming together as a community to share our wisdom & insights.  You are always welcome to join in the conversation in our live chat room or take part in the discussion on our forum page.  Our archives are always free to download, listen to and place on your blog or website.  You can subscribe to our archives through ITunes by searching for Awakened Radio in their podcast store.    Our live talk radio shows are Always Free to listen to either live or in rebroadcast, and free to download and listen to on ITunes.  We never charge you for visiting our site or taking part in our live shows. 

Whether you join us as a host, guest or listener, you will soon discover that there is something magical about Awakened Radio Network.  We are examples of what Divine Humans can do working together with a common vision of Abundance, Love & Empowerment. Evolutionary Spirituality is about YOU... Being Who You Really Are.

At Awakened Radio Network we are focused on providing a community of family who support, educate, inspire & motivate one another.  We are based on the principles of Thrival Energy Donna DeVane wrote about in her book, "How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World".  This is the set of creative principles Donna was given to move herself into a new experience of herself & to build a station with.  Donna shares these principles each week on her show, Awakening, Learning to Thrive.  Donna's book is available in our Awakened Store as well on her Author Page on Amazon. 

It's time to get YOUR message to the world.  Host a show at Awakened Radio. Click here to find out how.  Join us in the Live Chat room by Clicking Here.

Support the station by visiting our new On Site Store. You will find jewelry, spirit dolls, bling, and coming soon books, dream catchers, stones, crystals, smudge kits and medicine bags.

 If you'd like to advertise on our station or the website click here to find out how to do just that. 

Awakened Radio is more than a Radio Station, we are an online community sharing wisdom with Awakened & Awakening Divine Humanity around the world.  We invite you to join our family gatherings through the chat room, forums & calling in to take part in our live radio broadcasts.  We are the Best Online Talk Radio Station ever.. we are a different energy, a different message.  We are laying down the beliefs that have created all the unwanted situations in our lives & we are moving into the living awareness of ourselves as Evolutionary Consciousness.  Join us.  

Hello, I'm Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru.  I'm the Awakened Radio Network owner & producer.  Click my picture to visit my Amazon Author page.  Look around our website here to discover why I created this online talk radio station & how it can help you create the life you desire to experience.  As a teacher, coach, author & radio host for many years, this station is an outreach of my desire to share spiritual wisdom with the world.  We are dedicated to being the Best Online Talk Radio Station in the Universe! We are now inviting you to play the Prosperity Game with us.  Enough talking about being successful.. it's time to live success.  Join us for live talk radio contests, prizes, fun, where you can Stand Up, Speak Out & Be Heard.

To find out about my books, contests, free books, articles & more visit my personal website. 

 Want to know what The Awakened Radio Network is all about?

Click the player below..  Listen to a message from the station owner/director, Donna DeVane.  You'll hear what we are all about here on the Awakened 

Radio Network. We are Uplifting Humanity to a New Expression.  Join our online family community of Awakened Divine Humans who are dedicated to

 Being The Change we want to experience. 

We are a teaching platform radio station.. giving YOU the tools to self empower for your own healing & success.  We support those who are awakened and those who are awakening.  Be part by hosting your own show on our total support radio format and by taking part in our live shows.